Ladies And Gentlemen, I Present To You The Radium Girls! Curtains!


 In the 1930’s there was a group of girls called “The Radium Girls.” These girls were factory workers who dipped their brushes into ink that was used for face dials and would lick the top of their brushes for a better point to write with which exposed them to radiation poisoning. This ultimately caused health issues and they unfortunately passed away.


This had caused a large struggle for women at the time, this started to shed light on the many issues women were dealing with at the time.


Society has treated women with no value, with no title, with no respect. Women have struggled with economic inequality, equal opportunities, their right to vote, and their right for a free education, and unfortunately women still face several ongoing issues. 


At MHS, the Sock ‘n Buskin Drama Club has given us the opportunity to see the Radium Girls first hand. Their fall production of “Radium Girls”. Throughout the play you are filled with a bunch of overwhelming feelings because you experience this one on one and are left with a heavy heart. 


Evelyz Munoz, a junior at MHS describes the play as “touching”. She goes on to say, “ I feel for all the women who went through this but in a way this paved a way for women. Women have struggled a lot but they also have created big names in history books that the future generations can look back at and be inspired.” 


We can see how close this play hits home for Evelyz and how inspired she felt after seeing this play. 

Sophomore Johanel Benitez was recommended to watch the play. Not really knowing much behind the history of the radium he says the play opened his eyes to the many horrible ways society has treated women. 

“ It makes me so sad to know women were kept from so many things in life and it was never fair for them,” Benitez explained.

This play has touched many personally due to the fact that we are still fighting for women’s rights to this day. We keep reliving the same past in but in different issues and situations causing frustration for those who want change.

 This play has definitely been a positive way to spread awareness and insight on women’s rights and what we deserve. Thank you Sock ‘n Buskin Drama Club for the opportunity!