MHS Faces Two School Threats Following the Recent Oxford High Shooting


Throughout many years, schools have dealt with a variety of safety issues across the world. Unfortunately, school shootings have been around since 1764 when one of the first school shootings was recorded. According to the Sandy Hook website, the U.S. has had 1,316 school shootings since 1970 and 18% of them have taken place since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  

On November 30, 2021, a school shooting occurred at Oxford High School in Michigan where four students were killed and 7 others were injured. Students and teachers ran to barricade and lock doors for their own safety, a training that many hoped would never have to be used. Many friends and families are now grieving for their lost ones. 

Across the country, many schools are now closing because of threats that are being sent. Here at Manchester High School, many students are in fear of the worst. Xavier Torres, a sophomore at MHS, says he was “shocked” to hear about the shooting in Oxford, Michigan.

After receiving multiple emails that informed MHS students about social media threats, Xavier says, “ I was paranoid to be in school and in class. You’re not focused, you’re just looking almost like you have to watch your own back”.

On December 17, about 800-850 students did not attend school. Throughout the day, many classes and students have shown concern. Some have thought about what they would do in those situations.

Many members of the MHS staff make it one of their missions to help students feel safe in the school environment. Mr. Carol, the assistant principal of the STEM program says, “our main focus is working with the students making sure they feel safe and do good in school”.

Mr. Carol is also confident in his own safety at school, saying “I’ve always felt safe here and I continue to feel safe here at school. We have a really good security team that is very vigilant. Students that attend MHS are very honest and open about what goes on out of school.”

The reassurance from the school and faculty helps many people’s anxiety about attending school.