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Eli Robinson, Writer

Eli Robinson is only a sophomore in high school, but he already has a number of passions; from music to wrestling, his interests have no limits. Although it’s his first year as a journalism student, his talent in writing has not gone unnoticed, and this is no surprise considering one of his passions is writing. 


“I’ve always been interested in writing and history, following that career using that knowledge and being successful about it. Writing and history has shaped my personality,” Robinson explains.


However, as explained, Robinson’s interests stretch far beyond this. He’s been wrestling for four years, and his interest in the sport was sparked by his father. 


“I got into it because my dad did martial arts and I wanted to follow in his footsteps,” says Robinson.


Other hobbies, though, he found on his own. Robinson has been playing the oboe since fourth grade, and although it’s difficult to find time to practice with his busy schedule, he has no plans to stop playing. 


Aside from everything he does now, Robinson’s also had the opportunity to travel. In 2014, he returned to his roots and traveled to Italy. 


“I was young, but I remember a lot of it. We went to Rome, the Colosseum, and up to Tuscany,” Robinson recalls. 


Looking toward his future, Robinson isn’t sure where he plans to study, but he does want to go to college in order to pursue a career in either public service or government. Whatever he chooses, it’s clear that he’ll be successful. 

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