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Megan Douty, Writer

Megan Douty, a sophomore at Manchester High School is the opposite of your average student. Most 15 year old students maybe have a sport, band, or a club as an extracurricular activity, then go home, do homework, eat and watch Netflix, or play video games to wind down. Megan is constantly on the clock, getting home at 9 or 10 pm everyday.

“Afterschool I have FACTS club, Art club, Interact club, dance, sometimes physical therapy, and I'm in the explorers program,” Douty states. “To wind down, I'll study or catch up on some homework - i'm not a super talkative person.. I like to be alone more and I like to read.”

Already an honors student who's also leading an independent study with the help of a teacher, Megan is building towards getting accepted into college where she can major in criminal justice. In 20 years, she sees herself helping others by working at the New York or Chicago police department.

“I've taken enough online classes to graduate early…” says Megan “This has always been my dream, even when I was a kid I watched ‘Forensic Files.’”

Striving for success is something Megan has always been passionate about.

“For me, success would be getting the job that I want and working where I want too, cause it doesn't really matter how much money I make, if I'm living comfortably with financials and I'm happy with what I do, I think that's success,” Douty states.

Even though the crazy schedule, early mornings, late nights, and move-in dates, Megan remained incredibly ambitious, independent, and fixated on her future. She has worked hard for every single step she took in life; she saw the vision and hasn’t stopped since.

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