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Mikayla Vazquez

Mikayla Vazquez, Writer

Fifteen year old Mikayla Vazquez, a Manchester High School sophomore, who came a couple of weeks into the 2022 school year, once dreamt of stardom.

8 year old Mikayla, like many children, had dreams of becoming a pop star. As she has gotten older her passions and dreams have changed but her strive has gotten bigger.

Mikayla, now 15 years old, has a new passion; writing. She explores this hobby through her favorite classes at MHS.

“[Journalism] to be honest. I love writing, and this class is geared towards that.”

Writing has been an escape for Mikayla. It was a place of comfort and familiarity when things were constantly changing around her.

“I kinda grew up in a bunch of different places, my parents are divorced so it's kind of switching back and forth between different places.”

Frequently moving would make a lot of teens upset, but not Mikayla. It helped her develop a strong interest in traveling.

“I love the idea of traveling all together. I would really love to study abroad in college.”

Although Mikayla has new passions like travel, she has been able to continue to see her dreams and go for them.

Mikayla has been able to showcase her love for school and also been able to develop a love for the Manchester community.

All content by Mikayla Vazquez
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