The Murder at the Vicarage


“Hello, you.” Joe Goldberg whispers, his infamous catchphrase in the popular Netflix show “You”. Produced by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble, “You” skyrocketed to #1 on Netflix after the newest season. The long-awaited season 4 came out in two five-episode parts and, rather than “You”’s typical style, it was a whodunnit inspired by Agatha Christie, an author famous for her mysteries.

“You” is a binge worthy must watch of twisted love and bloodlust, but if you decide to watch it, you can skip season 4. As much as I don’t mind the producers for attempting a new approach with this season, the execution… wasn’t the best. While watching season 4, the only thing that continued to pique my interest was the genuine confusion and lingering question, “Where are they going with this?”

Joe in this season is disguised as a professor named Jonathan Moore and is thrusted into the heart of London for a deeply cliche and half baked murder mystery plot line. As the viewer, you’re often able to discover twists before the characters do, but in season 4 you’re left in the dark just like Joe is. This had the potential to create an intense and thrilling season to match the excitement of the past seasons, but instead it felt unnatural and confusing with many unremarkable characters.

After watching season 4, I was left feeling nothing but disappointment. it feels as though season 4 had no true meaning with a predictable ending – almost like season 4 had no point and was a cash grab. The end of season 3 was fulfilling enough, and should have been the end of the show.

So after this season, it should be “Goodbye, you” because of how stretched and unsatisfactory season 4 felt.