Ukraine war bringing a newfound sense of admiration


The war in Ukraine has caused 14,200–14,400 deaths of both civilians and soldiers. These mothers’, fathers’, children’s, and soldiers’ lives, human lives, are the reason that many keep fighting to get their country back.

In 2022, evacuations in Ukraine started and many people around the world saw a great change in the country. As this war continues, people are losing their homes, have to leave their families, and struggle to find stabilization through a very difficult time.

Not only has this war made a large impact on the people who live in Ukraine, but it has gone farther than just the country, making its way into the halls of Manchester High School.

Sheela Wilkie, a MHS junior speaks on how this has affected her: “It’s made me realize that I need to be grateful for what I have because it can all be gone in such a small amount of time.”

While this conflict continues to pose a threat to Ukraine and those living there try to get back to old ways, there has been a realization for many who are witnessing the war from a distance.

“I think that people who have to evacuate are leaving a whole behind and it’s sad to see, if I were in the same position I would be very upset but I would try to keep moving forward as it’s really the only option,” Wilkie says.

The evacuations and the war in general continue to turn Ukrainian lives upside-down. Although there have been multiple attempts to have a peace treaty, none have been successful so far.
According to the United States Institute of Peace, “Tragically but realistically, Russia, like most historic imperial powers, will need to be defeated militarily before it abandons war as a means to dominate its neighbors.”

This means that in order for Ukraine to get their country back they have to defeat Russia and they are willing to do this for as long as it takes.

This fight has continued to inspire people here at MHS, by continuing to show strength in people and the falling country.

“The strength they have not only in their people but in their military has really inspired me because it shows how much courage and determination the military and people have for their country,” says junior Zoe Evans.

As the country continues to persevere through the many struggles they are facing on a daily basis, they continue to show the light in the darkness and inspire others.