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Madison Scott, Editor in Chief

“ I know what I want to do and I think that can always lead me to where I want to be.” 

Words said by Madison Scott, a junior at Manchester High School. Madison is an athlete; she has been playing girls soccer her whole life and is on the varsity and junior varsity soccer teams at Manchester High School.

 Madison has also played girls’ tennis, singles and doubles, since her freshman year. With her participation in both sports, she not only learned things about herself, but grew and formed connections with her teammates.

“Being on sports teams, especially in high school, has definitely been a game changer. I have learned about myself through my teammates and what I need to do to succeed,” Scott states.

Madison recently got a job creating new bonds with her coworkers, working at “The Fresh Monkee.” She makes shakes and uses her pleasant personality to ensure good customer service. 

While at work, Madison has made good relationships with her co-workers, not to mention the added bonus of having the extra spending cash. 

“So far I like it, I like making the money and also getting to know customers and my colleagues.”

Madison has an older sister, who is attending The University of Maine. It is some distance from Connecticut, but distance does make the heart grow fonder; Madison’s relationship with her sister is a definite reflection of that. 

“So far it has been interesting without her, me and her haven’t always had the most close relationship but I think it has really grown since she’s been gone, I talk to her almost everyday.”

Like her sister, Madison does want to leave CT for college,  but still wants to be close enough to her friends and family to be able to come back if needed. While in college, she wants to study nursing. More specifically, she wants to be a Trauma Certified Registered Nurse.

 Her interest in this field stemmed from her interest in helping people in an interactive way and the influence of her grandmother and great aunt since they both worked as TCRNs. 

“I recently kind of decided on that because I learned my grandma had done that and I found out it would be something I really wanted to do.” 

Another possible career path for Madison is to become a journalist. Madison has always had a passion for writing. She is one of the Co-Chief Editors of the school newspaper, The Nest

“ I think that writing about stories and learning about the world and people has always been so fun and interesting to do.”

Madison is motivated by her future, which can be scary for her but is also a guide for her inspiration. 

“ A lot of times the future can be scary and sometimes that keeps me excited.”

All content by Madison Scott