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Dylan Mckenna, Writer

Most Seniors in High school have moved at least once. For Dylan Mckenna, she has lived in Manchester her whole life. Having old friends and family that live here, it would be hard for her to leave.

“I lived here all my life so why would I want to leave?” says Mckenna.

Dylan’s typical life in Manchester is usually packed from spending time with her pets to working. In her free time, she does things such as shop online and watches her favorite tv show, “Love After Lockup.”

“I shop online like everyday but when it comes to shopping out it’s pretty rare.”

Although McKenna enjoys seeing friends, work is a different story. As a cashier who works at Pet Supplies Plus, it can get pretty busy working with the animals.

“When I'm not a cashier I get the animals food and water. I feel like animals are very important and they have lives too.”

While it is difficult to know what you want to do in the future, Mckenna has been able to come up with different ideas that make her more passionate about the future.

“I want to go to MCC for two years and then transfer to another college.”

On Dylans free time she likes to go out with friends. She has old and new experiences with close friends. Last summer, she enjoyed going to The Weeknd concert.

“It was an amazing experience. There were lights everywhere and it felt unreal!”

When Dylan isn't spending time with her friends she leans on her family for support, specifically her mom.

Her mom is someone she can count on and somebody she loves dearly. Dylan knows that her mom is someone that will support her decisions and be there for her as a friend and parent.

“My mom is not just my parent she is my best friend. She is someone who I can count on. She has made a big impact in my life.”

As Dylan continues to show her charismatic personality she continues to show much importance to school and her writing.

All content by Dylan Mckenna

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