Traveling Back to the 2000’s to Capture Senior Year

Seniors at MHS lost a lot of moments and events that they were told were going to be the “best days of their lives” due to COVID-19. Coming back this year to the new “normal”, seniors are more involved and excited than they have ever been. They have a whole new perspective and don’t want to miss out on any more moments.

Class of 2022 students want to capture, keep, and remember this year’s memories for the rest of their lives, including myself.  As I labeled my folders and memorized my schedule, I also put a new SD card into my new polaroid digital camera. I was now prepared to take the steps into my final year of high school determined to make the best out of the little time I had left.

Multiple students this year have decided to record their senior years on digital and video cameras. While I am one of these students who have been carrying a camera with me everywhere I go, I wanted to see why other students were doing the same thing. 

Kaiden Flynn, another senior, is using a camera to document her senior year. “I would recommend this form of art to others because, for seniors especially, it lets us remember and record so many moments and make up for all the ones that COVID-19 has taken away from us in the past 2 years,” she said. 

The cool thing about carrying around these cameras is that everyone’s photos are going to be different, showing who and what’s important to that person. We see photos of laughter, jokes, and love paused forever by these snapshots. Maybe these photos are more than just photos, but a way for young souls to take back their time and make the most out of an impossible situation.