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Brianna Wallen

Brianna Wallen, Editor in Chief

It is rare to see someone heavily involved in their community and school nowadays. I interviewed Brianna Wallen and gained a lot of new information of who she was as a person. Let's take a deeper look at who Brianna really is.

Brianna is 16 and she currently attends Manchester High School. After going to Two Rivers Middle School, she returned to Manchester’s Public Schools.

“I was born in Hartford Hospital and have lived here in Manchester my whole life,” Wallen says.

Her heart and presence lies in the roots of Manchester which is seen by her involvement in the community by being a Youth Commissioner and the upcoming event planner for National Honors Society (NHS). Even though this is her senior year, she wants to create a fun, interactive, special experience for youth in an attempt to give back.

Brianna says “It feels good to be the NHS event planner, to be a part of something at home and create more fun social events…”

The National Honor Society is created to highlight the service, scholarship, and success of high school students. According to Brianna, the board committee of last year lacked direction and initiative.

It is outstanding to see the desire to want to do more and push for improvements within her community, as her personal experience did not go as well as she imagined it to be. It shows the character of Brianna and the perseverance, effort, and love she puts into everything she is involved in.

Her effort will lead her to great success and opportunities when she pursues Communications/Journalism in college and eventually becomes a writer in the near future.

Brianna says “I see myself in college, or a newscaster, reporter… I would like to go to school for communications/journalism.”.

With her high grades, academic success, and willingness to give back and create opportunities for the community, there is no question that she will excel beyond high school, at college, and when she becomes a journalist.

There is a mass amount of potential with Brianna’s qualities and ability to write as a newscaster or talk as a reporter on TV.

There is more to Brianna’s life than just school and being involved within the community. When asked about her hobbies there was one clear takeaway: shopping.

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