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Dejavon Morrett, Writer

Many of you know Dejavon Morrett as the football player displaying the #1 on his jersey. The trail-blazing, varsity football star is a part of the defensive backfield as a corner-back. He is often found tackling his opponents and shielding his receiver’s back. However, outside of Friday Night Lights, Morrett is an aspiring writer who tackles his own obstacles both on and off the field. 

Born and raised in Manchester, Dejavon Morrett attends Manchester High School as a senior. Morrett wears two helmets, as he is an excelling writer and headlining football player. 

“I actually like writing and I want to go into school for it,” says Morrett.

The student-athlete makes headlines with both his articles and plays. He has been writing articles for the school newspaper for the past year and is currently making waves on Red Productions for his sports highlights. 

While Morrett’s identity and life are centered around football, his first love is actually baseball. 

“I’ve been playing baseball since I was five and football since I was nine,” states Morrett.

The athlete’s background is closely knit to sports. With his athleticism and high energy, it is no surprise that the player joined sports at a young age. His baseball career was pitched at Manchester Little League while his football career kicked off on the Manchester Sentinels.

The now 17-year-old hit his peak in his football career when he was recently crowned captain by his teammates. Morrett identifies this as a milestone. 

“Growing up as a cocky player, it’s very different to be respected and to be seen as a leader,” Morrett says.  

Being seen in a different light by his teammates and coaches can be evident in showing that he has tackled his biggest opponent, his ego. The transition from a self-centered athlete, to a team captain, has been eye-opening for him. 

Morrett states, “It’s a different type of respect from your teammates and coaches.”

Morrett has not only grown mentally, but physically. At the start of his high school career, the young-minded athlete had a rude awakening as a freshman player. 

“During Sentinels, I was 5’2, 5’3 at the time and I was good. It wasn’t until I got to high school that guys were bigger than me. The competition got harder and I had to work out to get bigger,” Morrett says.

His ego matched the bruises on his body, but this helped shape him into the player he is today. Hopefully, Morrett will use that as motivation to lead his team to the finals.

The captain is not only a role model to his teammates, but also to his little sister, Dariana. Even with his crowded sports schedule, he makes sure to spend quality time with her. 

Morrett says, “I want to make sure she’s okay and that she grows up the right way!” 

The driven older brother also makes sure to reserve time for traveling. In the past two years, he has visited both Colorado and California. Morrett recalls climbing Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. 

“I was up 30,000 ft up and it started snowing,” Morrett says. 

The traveler also enjoyed his time in California. As he explored the unknown area and soaked up the hot weather, he noticed a distinct economic gap.

Morrett states, “There were a lot of very famous and rich people and homeless people.”

Apart from his life beyond the MHS community, the senior is focused on his post-secondary plans. There is one thing he is sure of. Morrett plans on taking his football career all the way to the end zone.

“I plan to go to college and preferably play football.” Morrett continues, “if football doesn’t work out I would like to go to school for Sports Journalist.”

Even though Journalism is his safety plan, the athlete’s passion for writing will also allow him to dream big. 

“I want to write for local news stations and have an opportunity to write about sports,” Morrett says.

While no one is sure what the future holds for Morrett, it is sure that his brilliance and talent will surely lead him to great paths in life. 

All content by Dejavon Morrett